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Novice Nook # 31 This week's article is an easy read. It's called "Novice Nook's Chess Lists". Anyone who's been around chess for awhile knows that making lists is a favorite thing among chess writers. So this article is Heisman's contribution. Lots of good stuff, much repetition from past articles, but the basic stuff is worth going over again and again. I think of this stuff as kind of like dribbling and doing lay-ups in basketball practice. Even the pros do it.

One of the things I'm introducing in my chess study is #4 in his "Actions that will improve your chess play", which is "Playing over annotated master games, especially ones written for instruction for players at your level". I'm taking that to heart, since I've long felt I tried to run before I could walk as far as chess study goes. Accordingly, I'm going to take Heisman's recommendation and study the three "Best Annotated Game Anthology Books for Players Rated Below 1500" - two Chernev and one Euwe. I'll report back as progress is made.

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