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Novice Nook # 21 The number of archived Novice Nook articles is now up to 64 at I felt we reached a milestone when we hit #20 and now it feels like we're truly on the long march.

I just finished reading this week's article, entitled "Finding a Good Instructor". The first portion does a good job of addressing the subject, but he spends about the last third of the article answering a reader's multi-layered question about how to catagorize tactics and combinations. Personally, that part was of no value to me whatsoever. Ah, well, no one hits everytime they're at bat.

Coincidentally, the subject of the post dovetails with a thread ccmcacollister started recently in the Coaching Club forum, entitled "A coaching theory..." asking whether a very high rated coach might not be good for a much lower rated player. No one's opined yet, but if you have an opinion, please add it there or here.

The link to this week's article is: ->

Have a good weekend, all! ws
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Wrong link Wrong link
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Correct link Correct link ->
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Thanks, yanm.