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Start in RCF 80 - promo pdf booklet released The tournament "Romanian Chess Federation - 80 Years" organized by Romanian CC Commission have started in 20th March 2005. This is one of the strongest CC events of the year 2005 with 4 ICCF-GMs, 4 ICCF-SIMs and 2 ICCF-IMs among the 13 participants.

The tournament will be played at ICCF webserver ( ) and the game will be replayed online with 3 moves delay.

Every 2-3 months there will be reports on the tournament wrote by FIDE-GM Dorian Rogozenko, FIDE-IM Mihai Ghinda, FIDE-IM Mircea Pavlov, FIDE-IM Constantin Lupulescu and FIDE-FM Marius Ceteras including comments around the games finished or in progress (this is something new in CC).

A promo pdf booklet of the event is available in the Romanian chess pages , in the section dedicated to this event
The booklet contains the introduction of the players and TD, their best games and a short history of the Romanian correspondence chess, all in 72 A4 pages.
Short link for download the promo booklet (archived pdf file)

Marius Ceteras - National Email Coordinator of Romanian CC Commission