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legolas3832 ♡ 32 ( +1 | -1 )
NEED A PLAYER??? Hey my name is Jp i am a great chess and have just joined gameknot not to long ago. i am very experienced through games books and websites i dont believe in any sort of cheating. I understand i need to win a few more games before i can join a team but when i am ready please consider me. it is well worth it trust me
Jp :)
silverwolfwsc ♡ 53 ( +1 | -1 )
legolas My team, the passed pawns
(358" target="_blank">gameknot.com/team.pl?358)
is a small team looking for members. I will do my best to keep you in plenty of games. If it looks like something you want to join, we would be happy to have you as part of our team.

Just remember, if you timeout in a team game, have a good excuse, if you timeout again, youre off the team.
silverwolfwsc ♡ 24 ( +1 | -1 )
URL Apparently you cant post a team link in the forums.... that makes sense...

Go to my profile SilverWolfWSC and click on the passed pawns link in my profile if you are interested.