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doctor_knight ♡ 213 ( +1 | -1 )
Annotated Game Here's an annotated game I played through recently. I don't want to write the full annotation because I payed for it and I think others should pay for it if they want it (it's a very good book anyway: "C. J. S. Purdy's Fine Art of Chess Annotation and Other Thoughts Volume 3"):

Purdy - Fuller (1/63)
1. d4 Nf6
2. c4 e6
3. Nf3 b6
4. e3 Bb7
5. Bd3 Ne4
6. 0-0 Be7
7. b3 0-0
8. Bb2 f5
(Purdy mentions here that he should have play Nfd2 on move 7 and if ...f5 then f3)
9. Qe2 d6
10. Rd1 Qe8
11. Nbd2 Nd7
12. Nf1 Ndf6
13. Ne1 Qg6
14. f3 Ng5
15. Ng3
(now for Black's attack)
15. ...h5
16. Qf1 h4
17. Ne2 Nh5
18. Kh1 Qh6
19. h3 Nh7
20. Qg1 g5
21. e4 fxe4
22. Bxe4 Bxe4
23. fxe4 g4
24. Rd3
(here Purdy mentions that a better try would have been Nd3 threatening to challenge the open file)
24. ...Rf7
25. Bc1 Bg5
26. Bxg5 Nxg5
27. Qh2
(time trouble for white)
27. ...Rf1+
28. Qg1 Rxg1+
29. Kxg1 gxh3
30. gxh3 Rf8
31. Ng2 Qf6

So anyway, I had some questions about this game. First of all, do many Queen's Indian games play out similar to this?

Also, as I was playing through the game, I kept looking at more active moves than what Black played (I was playing through the black side), and I never saw that attack coming in the way it was carried out. Could this be largely because of a difference in style? I suppose the obvious reason is that I'm no master, but I wonder if there are specific things that I could improve to see more of what black saw earlier in the game. Of course once Black played h5, I understood what the general plan was, but before that, I was thinking, "man, what the heck is black doing?"

I think one thing that I learned from the game was that my attacking skills are weak. I have a tendency to go all out when I attack. I guess I don't seem to realize that as long as the opponent has no immediate counterattacks, I can continue to play positionally until I find a combination. I realized that normally, when I attack, I try to get a combination in the first move or two of the attack and if I can't, I often consider the attack a failure or something which is certainly not the case a lot of times. So I've realized that my attacking skills need tons and tons of work.

Another thing is that I was looking at d5 or c5 pawn pushes a number of times during the game. Was this a mistake, or was it just a different style of play?
lighttotheright ♡ 18 ( +1 | -1 )
I question the wisdom of 21. e4. Why would you want to voluntarily open up the f file and help Black's attack? Regardless, white was already in serious trouble. But e4 lost the game IMHO.